Escudo de la República de Colombia Escudo de la República de Colombia


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cocora valley
Piedra de El Peñol
coast of Providencia island in Colombia Atlantic ocean
Colombian Amazon
Colombian Onychophora
Scolopendra gigantea
Psammodesmus bryophorus

Colombia is a tropical country, that has coast in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The climate and landscape diversity is caused by the existence of five ecoregions: Andean region, compound by three ramifications of the Andes Mountains; Amazonic region, often called the ‘lung of the world’; Caribbean region, in the north cost of the country; Orinoquia region, formed by enormous plains; and the Pacific region, which has big extensions of Tropical Rainforest, and is one of the rainiest spots in the world. All of this aspects lead Colombia to be one of the most biodiverse countries worldwide. 


It is a multicultural and multilingual country, with white and mestizo population, 87 indigenous ethnic groups, three differentiated groups of Afro-Colombian population and the ROM or Gypsy people; even though the majority of Colombians are spanish speakers, there are other linguistic minorities that speak English, two Creole languages, Roma and 64 Amerindian languages. 

As a megadiverse country, there is a massive variety of myriapods that has not been explored. This unexplored diversity is not only in the taxonomy, but also in the ecology and behavior; as an example the fascinating association between Psammodesmus bryophorus and several bryophytes species, that catch the eye of specialists all over the world.